Nona Pyron’s teaching is fabulous  -  both technically and musically  -  and very inspiring.
Mark Salzman
Cellist, Author, La Canada/Flintridge

She teaches each student differently and somehow manages to give each one something meaningful and helpful.
Zandra Hanson
Cellist, Pasadena

Nona Pyron’s coaching is excellent for all periods of music, whether it’s Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary.
Lorraine Monaco Wallace
Professional cellist, Chicago

Chamber music can be a transforming experience with a coach such as Nona Pyron.
Barbara Coventry
Violinist, Santa Barbara

Nona Pyron has a masterful way with words, applying metaphor and visual images to elucidate such musical concepts as phrasing and interpretation.
Doris Anne Hendin
Pianist, Altadena

I benefited greatly from Nona Pyron’s coaching.  She gave me an interesting and helpful perspective on Baroque performance and the cello.
Joan Jeanrenaud
Former cellist with the Kronos Quartet, San Francisco

Nona Pyron is as effective with world renowned professionals as with less experienced players.
Judy Cain
Cellist, Glendale

Nona always surprises me by getting me to play more beautifully and expressively than I thought I could.
Erik Rodkey
Cellist, Singer, Santa Barbara

Nona has a special way of combining words, music and visual images that leads to a whole new way of understanding the music  -  the barriers are removed and it seems like the composer is standing there and saying, “Yes, that’s just what I wanted.”
Carol Fleisher
Flutist, Camarillo